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Beautiful Song with Translation

Note that this translation is done by someone who does not know Sanskrit but used online help to find out the meaning. There are many meanings for the same word in many instances. So I picked the one that seemed to fit well with the sentence as a whole. Please correct me if I have made any mistakes. Does anyone know what Bhaje means in Sanskrit? I also assumed this was Sanskrit and not Hindi or Marathi by the way the words were formulated. I hope you enjoy the translation.

rAghavam karuuNAkaram bhaya nAshanam duritApaham

Oh Rama, You are a descendant of the Raghu Dynasty. You are generous with your compassion. You destroy fears and sins.

rAghavam- A descendant of the Raghu Dynasty.

karuuNAkaram- Generous with your compassion.
bhaya- fear
nAshanam- Destruction
Bhaya Nashanam- The Destroyer of Fear

duritA- Sin or Evil
paham- probably the remover

mAdhavam madhusUdanam puruSOttamam paramEshvaram

Oh Krishna, you are the descendent of Madhu of the Yadu race. You are the Husband of the goddess of fortune, Shri Lakshmi. (These two sentences show two meanings of Madhava).You are the slayer of the Demon Madhu. You are the supreme Lord, you are Shri Jaganatha.

mAdhavam- A descendant of Madhu, man of the race Yadu, Sweetness, Shri Krishna
madhusUdanam - Slayer of Demon Madhu

puruSOttamam- Purshottam the Supreme Soul, also śrī-puruṣottama is Lord Jagannātha. "Lord Jagannātha is the Supreme Lord Himself in the form of wood, and the river Ganges is the Supreme Lord Himself in the form of water. Purushottaman means also ideal man.

paramEshvaram- The Supreme Lord

bAlakam bhava tArakam jaya bhAvukam ripumArakam

You are childlike in your emotions and spirit which shine like the stars. You bring victory over the emotions. You destroy all enemies.

bAlakam- Baalaka means childlike

Bhava- Emotion, spirit
tArakam- 'Tarakam' is "Om ", the root of mantra which protects and saves one who earnestly aspired for it.
ALSO MEANING- transcendent, intuitional

Jaya- victory
bhAvukam- Emotional or something else
ripumArakam- destroyer of enemies.
Ripu- Enemy
Maraka- destroyer

tvAm bhajE jagadIshvaram nara rUpiNam raghunandanam

You are the master of all the worlds. You took the form of a beautiful man who came from the lineage of king Raghu.

Tvam- you


jagadIshvaram- jagat-of the worlds; ishvara-of the masters;
Master of the worlds.

Nara- Man

Rupinam- having beauty

Raghu- name of an ancient king of AryAvarta whose descendant was Lord Rama.
Nandanam- Nandana means son or Paradise of Indra.
(The lineage described in the Raghuvamsha goes thus: Dilip was the father of Raghu, who was the father of Aja, who was the father of Dasaratha, who was the father of Rama.

citkalam ciranjIvanam vanamAlinam varadhunmukham

You being the pure intellect to action. Your existence is ancient. You wear the Vanamala garland, the garland of wild flowers. You have an excellent face which resembles a beautiful tune.

Citikalam- the one who stimulates(To rouse to activity or heightened action) are intellect, spirit, soul (Chit)

ciranjIvanam- Old existence
ciran- old
jivana- giving life, life, jiivana n. lifetime, livelyhood, existence, subsistence
I will go with existence

Vanamali- Wearing the Vanamala garland, a garland of wild flowers.

Varadhunmukham- One with an Excellent face (Which resembles a beautiful tune.)
Vara Foremost, best, excellent
Dhun- means a tune in Hindi. Dhun can also mean shake, remove, shake off, cause to shake…
Mukham- the Face. Also Visage meaning the face, usually with reference to shape, features, expression,

shAntitam shiva sampadam sharadhAriNam jaya shAlinam

You are giver of peace. You are also Shiva who is Bliss personified. You make everything complete. You are the keeper and embracer of reality. Victory to the modest one.

Shanti- peace

Shiva- God. Can also mean Bliss, favorable, gracious…

sampadam- sampaadam indecl. making complete in number

Shara- reality, essence, energy, power…
Dhari- I Take, accepting, embracing, keeping…

Jaya- Victory

Shalina- modest, shy, decent, humility…

tvAm bhajE jagadIshvaram nara rUpiNam raghunandanam

(Same verse from an Above Line)
You are the master of all the worlds. You took the form of a beautiful man who came from the lineage of king Raghu.

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  1. Hello Chris. This could be Tamil or Telugu language. Mostly everything Jayashree sings is in either Tamil or Telugu.